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If you love films or aspire to be a film composer, is a great place to visit. We have a great selection of Film Scoring Articles, including our most popular article which lists short films available to our members for film scoring practice. is an app that uses Ambient Sounds to help with sleep, study, focus, tinnitus, and blocking out unwanted noise.   We have a wealth of Ambient Sound Articles that will tell you more about the Power of Sound, and how it can enhance your life.  You’re sure to find an article in this group that fits you to a “t”!

If you enjoy breathing clean air, you’ll want to check out  The video and pictures in this club will inspire you to think of ways to help protect our air, water and natural resources.  There is also a “Discuss” area where club members can talk about ideas and solutions. is a showcase for digital talent.  You can create a beautiful profile to show the world your particular talent!  We welcome artists from many venues to join this club and start making a name for themselves.

This exciting “Club Hub” is a network of sites and apps all using the popular new extension “.club”.  Members of our Club Hub have different interests ranging from films to clean air to peaceful sleep to showcasing digital talent and more! is the home of creative articles for all the clubs.  Here you’ll find interesting blogs to suit your particular passion, and links to the sites and apps that inspired the articles.

Whether you’re here to read the interesting articles, or to visit one of our many clubs, or to become a long-term member of your favorite club, we welcome you one and all!

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