Short Films for Film Scoring – Selected Films

Our collection of short films has been carefully selected to give our students and beginning professionals a chance to practice scoring superb films. Join our free site,, to use these films in your own scoring projects, and to post your professional profile where film makers can find you for other film scoring projects. Members […]

Lexi by Nina Paley

Lexi is a wonderful short film by Nina Paley, full of grace and whimsical movement.  The subject of the film is one of Nina’s cats.  This is a great film for film practice because Lexi, like all cats, has many moods.  You’ll enjoy trying your hand at this film! Thanks to Nina Paley who encouraged […]

Malaria by Edson Oda

In the short film “Malaria”, Death has a chat with the bounty hunter who has come to kill him.   Anyone who loves Westerns or philosophy or both will enjoy this highly original film.  “I give you a job, my friend,” says Death to the gunman. “Show some gratitude.” We would like to express our gratitude […]

The Writer by Edson Oda

“The Writer” tells the story of Pedro, a young cowboy who defies the writer of the short film (Edson Oda himself).  This brilliant example of a comic book world ruled by “the sacred script” combines the excitement of a shoot-em-up Western with the deeper philosophical questions of choice and free will. The Writer from Edson […]

Felix in Hollywood

Felix in Hollywood is a classic cartoon filmed in 1923, and is now in the public domain.  For those of you too young to remember “Felix”, he was a star in his own right in the early days of film.  Here is an excerpt about Felix from Wikipedia: “Felix the Cat is a funny-animal cartoon […]

mi’au myau by Vida Vega

Film creator Vida Vega takes a highly creative and fun-filled look at multilingualism in Europe in this one-minute award-winning film.  We’re very grateful that she gave us permission to use this little gem in our film scoring practice!  “mi’au myau” from Vida Vega on Vimeo. Be sure and turn down the sound before viewing.  It […]

Bike by Vida Vega

The shortest film in our short film bank comes in at just 30 seconds!  Vida Vega’s award winning “Bike” was written as a commercial for Tempo Tissues, and is warm and whimsical.  Turn the sound down and imagine your own score accompanying this brief but delightful film Vida Vega’s “Bike” – for Tempo Tissues Many […]

Big Buck Bunny from Blender

This film was the first project created by the Blender Institute in Amsterdam.  Tan Roosendaal has given us permission to use this film in our film score practice.  Turn down the sound and imagine your own zany score written to fit this short film created in the style of the great old cartoons.   Big […]

Warm Winter by Xin Li

Film maker Xin Li has given permission to members to practice film scoring with his warm and lovely film “Warm Winter”.  You should turn the sound down to imagine your own newly written score. Warm Winter – by Xin Li “Warm Winter”speaks to all of us in a universal language.  Turn down the sound […]

Sintel by the Blender Foundation

Ton Roosendaal of the Blender Foundation has given us permission to use the wonderful Blender film “Sintel” in our film scoring practice.  Be sure and turn down the sound to begin imagining your own music enhancing this film Sintel – Third Open Movie from the Blender Foundation By permission from Ton Roosendaal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands […]

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