Ambient Sounds – Scientific Studies

Many of you have seen the above picture many times.  We’ve heard back from a variety of users reporting that the Ambient Sounds from do indeed help them with sleep, study, focus, tinnitus and blocking unwanted noise.  Users have also reported help with other areas which they described as relaxation, stress relief, and mood […]

Ambient Sounds for Babies

For households with babies or toddlers, sleep is a very precious commodity!  If you are a new mother or father, you probably plan your own sleep around times that the baby is quiet and peaceful. Even when you’ve passed the waking-up-for-feeding-times stage, there are the crying bouts, the sleepless nights, the unsuccessful nap times, the […]

Ambient Sounds for Sleep

At we strongly believe in the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  Numerous studies have shown that healthy sleep patterns can tremendously improve your quality of life.  If you’re a student, sufficient sleep can help you focus and study and improve your grades.  If you’re a parent, you’ll have more patience and energy.  If […]

Ambient Sounds for Study

You may be a college student preparing for finals, or a young professional about to take an advancement test, or a high school student facing the SAT or A-level exams, or an established entrepreneur learning about the newest technological advances.  So many of us spend a great deal of our time studying! It’s hard to […]

Ambient Sounds for Health

Dave loves his gym and goes there as often as he can.  His body is becoming strong, but his ears are worn out from the sounds of the machines, the constant chatter, and the booming beat pouring from the loudspeakers.  He needs to block out the sounds around him, so that he can enjoy his […]

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