Short Films for Film Scoring – Selected Films

Short Films for Film Scoring: Music & FilmOur collection of short films has been carefully selected to give our students and beginning professionals a chance to practice scoring superb films.

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Members of now have permission to use twelve of these short films in the following ways:

  • Write new scores for these films on their own, or in private or group lessons
  • Show these films with the new score in a public concert
  • Discuss these films and their new scores in online blogs

Film length is listed in this format: length (length before credits). Each link includes interesting information about the filmmaker.

The creators of the following twelve films have kindly given us permission for their use.

Short films for film scoring, approved list:

YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ – by Gavin Heffernan & Harun Mehmedinović – 3:59 (3:41)

Warm Winter – Xin Li 3:00 (2:34)

The Umbrella – Xin Li 3:01 (2:19)

Ara’s Tale – Martin Lubich 8:21 (7:33)

Sintel – Blender Open Projects 14:48 (12:26)

Big Buck Bunny – Blender Open Projects 9:57 (8:09)

Bike – Vida Vega 0:30 commercial

mi’au myau – Vida Vega 1:00 (0:58)

Felix in Hollywood – Public Domain 7:59 (7:49 )

Lexi – by Nina Paley 2:20 (1:53)

Malaria – by Edson Oda 5:31 (4:49)

The Writer – by Edson Oda 3:00 (2:56)

Here are some other short films for film scoring that you might enjoy viewing. It’s worth listening to their current musical settings and seeing what you like and/or don’t like about the music that’s used. Notice that some of them use pre-existing music written by famous composers – you can also choose to do the same. Some are a combination of existing compositions and new music, still others are all original music. A film composer or music director uses many combinations of old and new music, sounds, and effects.

Please note that we do NOT have permission to score these films, but you can score them on your own as long as you do not present the final product to the public, either in concert or on the Internet.

Day and Night – Pixar Short Film – Notice all the classical pieces used in the original version:

One Man Band – Disney Pixar Short Film  – This one could feature many orchestral sounds:

Alma – Pixar – This one is spooky and would be fun to score:

Lady Ice – A Freezing Aniboom Animation – How would you write c–o–l–d music?

In Box – Madonne Ashwin – A modern love story with post-its!


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