The Umbrella – by Xin Li

We are honored to work with Xin Li, a very talented film maker, painter, and animator from China, who was studying in Australia when he first worked with us.  His films are full of beauty and sensitivity, and inspire wonderful music.

Xin Li has given permission to members to practice film scoring with this moving, poignant film “The Umbrella”.  You should turn the sound down to imagine your own newly written score.

The Umbrella – by Xin Li

“The Umbrella” combines animation with glass painting – a winning combination!  This film is full of warmth, and has touched the hearts of all who have seen it.  Xin Li has a rare ability to capture both the strength and delicacy of human relationships in just a few “brushstrokes”.  He is a consummate artist whose gentle, moving films are beautifully constructed and perfectly executed.

Xin Li accepts award at Griffith Film School, Queensland, Australia:

The best of the ‘Honours’ films for me was ‘A Tale of Longing’ (which also wins best title!) – it’s a very modest and complete piece of work, and everything I think a good graduate film should aspire to, in that it beautifully illustrates the sensitivity and creativity of the filmmaker.  —  Lord David Puttnam

Xin Li - Most Outstanding Honours Project

Xin Li – Most Outstanding Honours Project

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