Ambient Sounds for Health

Dave loves his gym and goes there as often as he can.  His body is becoming strong, but his ears are worn out from the sounds of the machines, the constant chatter, and the booming beat pouring from the loudspeakers.  He needs to block out the sounds around him, so that he can enjoy his workouts more.

Savannah is recovering from a serious accident that injured both legs. Sometimes her daily physical therapy exercises seem just too daunting. She needs an ambient sound that matches her desired mood of quiet determination.

Lijuan has a daily yoga practice interspersed with weekly martial arts. She needs ambient sounds that will help her become more aware even as she deepens her relaxation. was designed to fit a variety of situations.  People who consider health as a high priority find ambient sounds that are perfect to enhance health, fitness and recovery.  The following sounds are favorites of people devoted to their health:

Many health practitioners believe that pets help in the healing process.  The sound of a cat purring is both relaxing and comforting.  This ambient sound can provide a soft background for stretching or may inspire a session of physical therapy.

You may have heard of white noise.  There are two other ambient sounds closely related to white noise – pink noise and brown noise.  Pink is a little “softer” than white, and brown is the most mellow of the three.  Many people find deep relaxation with brown noise, or use it to block out any external sounds. Put on a set of headphones and create your own healthy space!

This sound is ideal for devotees of yoga or tai chi. The resonant sound of low-tuned windchimes, and the repetitive nature of the chimes help bring body, mind and spirit into perfect balance.

This selection captures the delightful sound of pouring rain.  It is very beneficial for restful sleep, and also makes a good accompaniment for exercises. members report that this is one of their favorite ambient sounds.



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