Ambient Sounds for Sleep

At we strongly believe in the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  Numerous studies have shown that healthy sleep patterns can tremendously improve your quality of life.  If you’re a student, sufficient sleep can help you focus and study and improve your grades.  If you’re a parent, you’ll have more patience and energy.  If you work in an office, you’ll be more relaxed and productive after a good night’s sleep.

Many people report that a soft, continuous ambient sound helps them fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly. Here are some suggestions for using to improve your sleep.

  • Experiment with various Themes until you find the ones that are best for your sleep patterns. You can select from the free Samples without subscribing. Selecting a Sample will pick a random sound from our selection and play it continuously until you turn it off. Using our Samples is a good way to experiment with ambient sounds for sleep. When you find the sounds you like best, a very inexpensive subscription allows you to pick your favorite sound with one click, and to optionally set a timer.
  • Put your computer in sleep mode. The selected Soundly Theme will continue to play, with no light to distract you or keep you awake.  Sleep mode also saves on your computer resources.
  • If you are a subscriber, you can set the timer so that the Theme plays for a certain amount of time, then stops. Some people find that 30 – 40 minutes of ambient sound is best; others prefer a full 8 hours. You can set your own “ambient sound clock”, or you can let the Theme continue to play until you turn it off after a restful night’s sleep!

Our members have reported great success in falling asleep to various Soundly Themes.  Here are some of their favorites:

The delightful sound of pouring rain is very beneficial for restful sleep.  Soothing and comforting, Rain is an invaluable help for those who have trouble sleeping soundly.

This sound was especially developed for one of our members with sleep challenges.  She requested a low, resonant sound of soft chimes with a comforting repetitive feel.  We hope you will like the sound she helped design!

Many people love sitting by the ocean, and letting the sound of crashing waves wash away their worries and cares.  For those of us who don’t live beside a real ocean, the ambient sound of Ocean can have the same relaxing effect.


Sweet dreams!

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