Ambient Sounds for Study

You may be a college student preparing for finals, or a young professional about to take an advancement test, or a high school student facing the SAT or A-level exams, or an established entrepreneur learning about the newest technological advances.  So many of us spend a great deal of our time studying!

It’s hard to study effectively when the environment doesn’t allow you to focus and retain what you’re learning.  Some people need a quiet atmosphere for studying; others prefer the sounds of other people and activities to keep them energized.  Sometimes you may need both,  at regular intervals!

With, you can choose the perfect ambient sound to help you study more effectively.  Here are just a few of the Themes that others have found helpful to improving their attention and energy while studying:

Brown Noise is a more mellow, deeper version of “white noise”, and is a great favorite of those who want to block out extraneous sounds and focus on their reading or studies.  Many people find Brown Noise both energizing and relaxing – perfect conditions for good study!

The gentle sound of bells helps soothe the spirit and allow the mind to concentrate.  Many students report great success in using Windchimes as a soft background while they study.  Not only does it keep them relaxed and attentive, but it also blocks out conversations around them.

Many college campuses have started introducing kittens or puppies to study areas during Reading Days or exam times, to help reduce stress.  The sound of a cat purring can achieve the same kind of stress reduction and help make studying a more pleasant experience.

For those who would much rather be taking a walk in the woods than hitting the books, the Birdsong theme is a nice way to bring nature into the study room.  Close your eyes and you can almost see the green trees and the sunlit path!

May your studies go well!

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