– Ambient Sounds Overview - Ambient Sounds Overview - Sound is all around us

“Ambient sounds”, or background sounds, can be carefully chosen to help us concentrate, to relax our bodies and minds, and to enhance many aspects of our daily life.  Let’s look at an overview of sound and how ambient sounds can enrich our lives.

The world around us is full of sound. Some sounds are pleasant and make us feel good, some sounds are distracting, and some sounds are so intrusive or overwhelming that they affect our quality of life.

What if we could chose the sounds we wanted in our lives? We can! We now have the opportunity to use selective sounds to create specific moods or atmospheres.

Here are some real life stories of people who use ambient sound to improve their lives. - Ambient Sounds Overview - Student studying

Andrew is a student at the University.  He sometimes studies in the library, sometimes in a campus cafe, sometimes in a nearby Starbucks, and once in a while in his own room!  Each spot has its own challenges.  The library is too quiet, the cafes and coffee shops are too loud, and his room is too lonely.  He enjoys having energy and people around him while he studies, but he gets distracted by conversations.  Andrew likes to play sounds of rain in the background while he studies. - Ambient Sounds Overview - Noisy area ahead sign

Jefferson is self-employed and rents a desk at a nearby co-working space.  He enjoys the company of his co-workers, but when he really wants to get things done, he puts on headphones to block out the sounds around him.  His favorite ambient sound is brown noise! - Ambient Sounds Overview - Sleep

Yui is a young mother with a newborn baby.  Until she discovered ambient sounds, she had a hard time getting her infant to sleep.  She experimented with several sounds, but her baby seems to like the heartbeat the best.  In a few months, she will try the ocean sound or the sound of a fan, which other young parents have recommended to her.   Yui also uses ambient sounds for her own sleep.  Her favorite is the sound of a cat purring! - Ambient Sounds Overview - Tinnitus

Sofia is a research scientist who spends a great deal of her time in the lab with animals and other scientists.  It’s a busy productive place, full of interesting sounds.  She loves her work, but some of the lab sounds cause her tinnitus to flare up.  Her headphones help tame the tinnitus with ambient sounds of wind chimes or birdsong. - Ambient Sounds Overview - can help with sleep, study, focus, unwanted noise and tinnitus - Picture was created to help creative, productive people use ambient sounds to improve their quality of life.   Here are some of the features of this Web application: - Ambient Sounds Overview - Runs on many computers and operating systems

  • no downloads needed
  • runs on desktops and laptops
  • runs on Android mobile devices
  • runs in the background
  • runs in sleep mode is the favorite of people who study, work, focus and sleep better with ambient sounds.   We invite you to explore the many sounds available, and start improving your creative, productive life!

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